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Visit Us at the Care Continuum Alliance’s Voice on Population Health

by WebMD Health Services September 27, 2012

Dr. Tim Moore, WebMD Health Services CMO, is guest-blogging this week at the Care Continuum Alliance’s Voice on Population Health. Dr. Moore’s post, Disease Management at a Crossroads, explains how a new direction in disease management needs to put the consumer in the driver’s seat.

Dr. Moore describes a three-pronged approach that includes whole-person health coaching, innovative online and mobile technologies, and integrated biometric monitoring. The focus is on the full continuum of population health risk – expanding condition management beyond the small percentage of people with chronic conditions to address the larger population whose lifestyles are driving them towards disease management. You can read the full post here. And for more information and a demo of our new Digital Health Assistant, visit us at Booth 57 at The Forum12 “Destination Wellness” Solution Center in Atlanta, October 18-19.

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