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Four Steps to Well-Being Program Engagement

Getting from interaction to engagement.

Two surveys show that 80 percent of employers offered well-being programs, yet…1

  • Only 45 percent of employees said they have access to these programs.
  • Of those, only 55 percent participated.

How do you make sure your engagement results are better than this?

Engagement is the standard term used when talking about usage of such programs but what really does that mean?

Before you answer, be careful to not confuse interaction with engagement. True engagement takes time — and commitment. It’s not achieved in a few quick steps or in a certain amount of time. But it is possible — and incredibly powerful.

Need help getting started?

Let the following four steps provide a framework for your program. Together, they connect the dots between the various points involved in the well-being journey to deliver an experience focused on true engagement, not individual interactions.

Step 1: Awareness

Ensure everyone in your population knows they have a sponsored health and well-being program and knows where to find it. Communications play a big part in this, but product placement is a huge factor as well.

Step 2: Interest

Serve up content that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye so that people will take next steps.

Step 3: Commitment

Sustain consumer interest over time by presenting truly relevant, personalized content, tools and programming content.

Step 4: Outcomes

Positive, sustainable changes result when you engage the right people at the right time in the right ways.

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