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Andrew’s Everyday Balancing Act

As a Senior Communication Strategist, Andrew Norris puts his marketing know-how to work for WebMD Health Services’ clients. He also knows how to put life in perspective and embrace well-being on a daily basis.

What does well-being look like to you?
It’s really about my daily routine. From my bike commute to work to my daily dog-walking duties. It’s taking the time to get out of my desk chair in the middle of the day for a 15-minute walk. Overall, it’s about balance.

Speaking of your daily routine and work, why do you work at WebMD?
That’s easy – I work at WebMD because of the people. They’re a great group of like-minded folks that are just as fun at work as they are outside of work.

It’s also great to see my daily work influencing positive change. A “conversion” is a much more meaningful metric when it translates to someone improving their overall well-being versus just buying something.

What’s your focus when you’re not at work?
My goal when I’m not at work is to make myself as difficult to find as possible. I’m a big snowboarder and overall outdoor person so put your adventure hat on and try to find me. With summer finally here in Portland, I look forward to plenty of hikes, trips to the river or beach, camping, skateboarding and more.

I do also like to dabble in BBQ and tackle interesting projects at home. Last summer I did both in one fell swoop by building a full pig pit in my yard. I have yet to cook a whole hog but I’m working up to it!

What was one of your most interesting jobs before working at WebMD?
After graduating college, I worked at a golf course that holds a nationally televised celebrity golf tournament every year. Let’s just say that I have many “interesting” stories from those couple of years.



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