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When Not Every Meal Is at the Dinner Table…

By Shelby Duffy, Health Coach

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I forgot dinner! I’ll just go to the drive-thru.” We’ve all been there at some point. Eating on the go doesn’t have to be taboo, you just have to know how to make good choices along the way.

It really is possible to eat on the go and still eat healthy meals. Let these tips help you do just that:

  • Go for grilled: Grilled options are healthier than others found on most fast food menus.
  • Toss the bun: Get rid of half of the bun or the excess tortilla on a wrap to reduce refined carbohydrates.
  • Stay small: Stick with a smaller portion option and skip the fries and soda.
  • Read the fancy food facts: Most restaurants and fast food chains give you access to nutrition facts. Choose those items with the least amount of calories and fat.
  • Go green: Try a salad rather than a burger—and go easy on the dressing.
  • Think ahead: Pack a cooler with a sandwich on whole wheat bread with a side of fruit or veggies.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: Nuts, trail mix, air-popped popcorn and dried fruit are healthy options that keep in the car or at work for those unexpected long days.

Next time you’re in a bind and don’t have time to make dinner at home, don’t fret—there really are good options out there!

Shelby’s education and certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
ACE Certified Health Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
ACSM Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist

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