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Katie? No, Julie!

Trying to find time to pin Julie Mallory down is no small feat. As Events Marketing Manager for WebMD Health Services, she’s a gal on the go for sure. But, as we found out when we did manage to corner her for a few minutes, that’s nothing new to her.

So before you came to WebMD, what did you do?
I was actually a TV producer for almost 10 years. When I was younger, I so badly wanted to be the next Katie Couric (and, of course, I was the only one with that dream!) but then I fell in love with production and running the show so I went that route.

What made you leave the world of broadcasting?

When the opportunity to produce events for a well-being company came up, it was just too good to pass up. I love putting on corporate tradeshows, meeting new people and talking about what we offer to help others meet their goals. The people here are amazing and the free fruit bowls every day are a pretty nice perk, too.

I will confess that there are times I miss production work but then all I have to do is remember how nice it is to work for a company that offers the ability to work from home when the snow starts to fall, and all’s good!

What does your well-being routine include?
It all centers around that ultimate commodity, time. I try to carve out 30 or 60 minutes a day to exercise and clear my mind. This can be a walk, a run, time at the gym or just doing a workout to a DVD in my living room. I love staying active to keep up with my very active two-year-old son and also believe that it’s good for him to see mom and dad exercising to instill that as a regular part of life for him someday.

But, it’s not all just about exercise. My husband and I make it a point to tag team and give each other time on the weekends to do things for ourselves or together. I might take an hour to get a manicure or a massage and while this might sound self-gratifying, it helps me be my best and be better for those around me.

Where might we find you with your family?
At the park, the play gym, a swim lesson, soccer “game” or riding a bike, just for starters. My husband and I are foodies and love trying new places though these days we generally settle on kid-friendly neighborhood restaurants. Fortunately in Portland, there are plenty of these that offer great food!


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