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Why Work With a Health Coach to Manage Chronic Conditions?

At WebMD Health Services, we offer many different health coaching programs including our Condition Management Coaching. This program is designed specifically for people who have one of five chronic conditions—asthma, diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

A health coach can be just what’s needed to help people implement doctor’s recommendations on a daily basis.

Some people may wonder why they should work with a health coach when they have a doctor that helps them manage these conditions. That’s a valid question that I think deserves an answer.

Doctors aren’t for everyday

The simple answer to the question is that a doctor isn’t generally available on a daily or maybe even weekly basis. A doctor is usually seen only now and then unless there is an active problem to be addressed.

A person might leave a doctor’s office with all the instructions and materials they need but what happens when questions arise before the next visit? What happens if a person simply starts to lose the motivation to stay on track with doing the things they need to do in between visits?

Whether it’s taking medications as prescribed, getting routine tests done or making the right environmental, diet and activity choices, a lot goes into properly managing a chronic condition.

Coaches educate, motivate and support

A health coach can be the perfect person to fill in the gaps between those doctor’s visits. WebMD Health Coaches who work in our Condition Management program have the training, education and experience needed to help people bring their doctor’s recommendations to life on an everyday basis.

Additionally, coaches make sure individuals are invested in and really ready for change. This can be a big contributor to overall motivation and the ability to actually meet stated goals. They also know how to help people get back on track if they’ve happened to step off.

All in all, the combination of a doctor and a health coach might just be the winning way to managing a condition with grace—and enjoying improved well-being.

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