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The Spice of Zeina’s Life? Mixing It Up!

When Zeina Elsahili thinks about well-being in her life, she thinks about as many things as possible – or so it would seem. It’s the variety and ability to enjoy many different areas of life that inspire her in addition to her work as a Strategic Account Manager here at WebMD Health Services. We had the pleasure of learning a bit more about what this looks like to Zeina.

What are some things you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy socializing with my friends and enjoying the plethora of delicious Portland restaurants, checking out live music or just being outside enjoying good weather (when we have it!). I love finding creative outlets and painting has always been something I’ve wanted to get into so have recently taken up acrylic painting.

I also have a “nerdy” side to my personality as evidenced by my love of video games, science and bird watching.

How do all of these things play into your overall well-being?
In our industry, we hear the term well-being a lot and that’s great because it keeps this top of mind. For me, it’s about an overall positive state of being and includes feeling good about my lifestyle and developing healthy habits in a meaningful way. In addition to exercise and eating well, I try to do this through developing my resilience, managing stress and a healthy relationship with money and volunteering.

I also have learned the importance of taking time away. For years I did not take a real vacation and then this last year I decided on a whim to take an international trip. I came back feeling so refreshed and inspired and it’s now something I encourage everyone to do.

I guess overall I’ve learned that just like mixing up different forms of exercise, doing different things in life can develop a balanced set of well-being disciplines and really keep things from feeling stagnant.

Why do you work at WebMD?
I work here because I truly believe in what we do for the people we serve. Providing services that ultimately better people’s lives is something that motivates me and can be incredibly rewarding. This industry has been a passion of mine since I got out of college.

My favorite thing about working here is the culture we have. I’ve learned so much from my colleagues. Everyone works really hard and has fun at the same time. It’s inspiring and encouraging to be around such intelligent and driven people!


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