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Jennifer’s Well-Being Is a Balanced Place

Jennifer Abney makes her well-being a priority and that includes balancing a lot of aspects of her life—the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental. It’s how she feels she can be her best for those around her. We wanted to learn a bit about how she manages to do this and were recently able to spend some time with her to find out.

Tell us what you enjoy about being a coach…
My passion has always been to help people and being a coach at WebMD Health Services lets me do that on a daily basis. Our company value, “Our Customers Are Our Top Priority” means a lot to me and is so true because the people we work with are the reason for everything.

It’s also great to be part of a working community that gives back in other ways. I was fortunate to participate in our company-wide volunteer day last fall, helping to clean up a walking trail in a local park in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana.

What do you like doing when you’re not at work?
You’ll find me at the gym or with friends and family. I love fitness and exercise and the way that it makes me feel is indescribable—I just love feeling healthy and that keeps me going back for more. I’m also very social and crave time with others. And, along the lines of staying balanced, I do enjoy my “me time” to recharge, either catching up on a favorite show, reading or listening to music.

What strength fuels you?
My dedication and loyalty to the people and things that are important in my life. I have a strong loyalty and compassion for my relationships.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?
Water, a fully functional plane and a manual on how to fly the plane.

What’s your favorite acronym?
ELMO—eat less more often.

Ok, so you work out a lot but you must indulge sometimes…
Oh yes! Just yesterday I ate three Dove chocolate squares in 10 minutes—the dark chocolate mint ones are my favorite. I just can’t let the whole bag sit in front of me…

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