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Michael’s Recipe for Success: Futbol, Food…& Coffee

If a coffee-lover is going to live somewhere, the Pacific Northwest is a pretty good place to be. And if that coffee-lover also happens to be a foodie and major soccer fan, Portland’s got to be top on the list. That’s certainly true for WebMD Health Services’ Director of Strategic Accounts, Michael Traylor.

So…you love coffee?
Yeah, it’s definitely my biggest vice. Black, no sweetener and a bottomless cup. I do love it. But, I do try to balance that by eating well. For me, eating well can be largely about portion control. I remind myself that I don’t have to eat it all and nothing bad will happen elsewhere in the world if I take leftovers home! This helps my foodie self not overdo it. I’m pretty good at passing on dessert often as well…except for that after-dinner coffee, of course.

What types of activities—apart from eating good food and drinking coffee—do you enjoy?
Staying active is a must for me and that usually means getting out of the house. My husband and I love to take our kids—our Portuguese water dogs—out on hikes in the Gorge, near Mount Hood, along the coast or even just in town like in Hoyt Arboretum. It’s especially great when other friends and family come along. I do also love gardening and growing all types of vegetables…oops, there we go back to food again…

We’ve heard you like to chase black-and-white orbs now and then as well?
Haha, yeah, I’ve become a big-time futbol fan and that includes playing soccer a lot as well as watching it. It’s really a passion of mine and I have played at least two indoor games every non-vacation or holiday week for the past 12 years. All in all, I’ve probably played in excess of 1,000 games.

When it’s time to wind down, I’m proud to take to the stands as a season-ticket holder to root on the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns.

So what makes you love working at WebMD?
My career needs to be bigger than me in that what I do must be a part of something larger and meaningful. Ideally – and I think this is why WebMD is such a great fit for me – our collective efforts are making a difference by changing people’s lives. I get chills almost every time I hear a client share how an employee’s or member’s life has been improved through our solutions. As a result, I am incredibly proud to say that I work for WebMD.

Aside from this, without a doubt my favorite thing about working at WebMD is the people. This includes both my incredibly skilled and smart co-workers as well as our amazing clients. It’s so inspiring to see the clear focus people have on improving the lives of their people.


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