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The Ever-Smiling Chameleon

Right off the bat you have to know that Shelley Blouin, WebMD Health Services Senior Director of Client Delivery can wear many hats at once with grace. After all, how many liberal arts majors can effectively manage technology teams?

That fact alone piqued our interest so we found a moment to talk with Shelley and learned that she’s even more of a chameleon than we knew.

Building the most walkable city in the Pacific Northwest.
Nestled snuggly in the Portland metropolitan area, Tigard, Oregon has the goal of becoming the Northwest’s most walkable city. And it seems that our very own Shelley Blouin is part of bringing that effort to fruition as a member of the Pedestrian and Biking Committee for the City of Tigard. Add citizen advocate to the list of Shelley’s activities and accomplishments.

Gardening and enjoying the fruits of her labor.
Next up on the never-ending list for Shelley—gardener extraordinaire. She enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables, and savors them for even longer by canning whatever possible. Her one wish—more space for an even bigger garden!

Being a great mom.
Whether walking the dog, fishing, kayaking or cooking at home, being with her husband and boys is a top priority. But while fun is always on the agenda, so too is being responsible and keeping an eye on that bigger picture. That might include keeping a close eye on what beverage the kids choose to grab…if it’s a sugary one then they may have just had their allotment for the day!

Working at WebMD.
Managing a group of technology professionals might be a lot for some folks but it actually fuels Shelley. As she told us, “Clearly I love working at WebMD as I’ve been here for more than 10 years now. Every day I get to work with some of the best and the brightest and there’s always something new to learn or do. We are ever-changing and growing, which means there is always opportunity to make a difference. What’s not to love about that?”

Bringing it all together.
Whether knee-deep in at least two books at a time, working on an endless stream of almost-finished quilts or dreaming of travelling the world and visiting art museums every single day, Shelley finds a way to balance it all.

But, even with all of these amazing sides to her persona, what’s the first thing you notice about Shelley? Her incredible, infectious smile.


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