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Competitive Yet Always Compassionate

Hadley Shoultz epitomizes all that is great about the coaches at WebMD Health Services. She’s able to put herself in the shoes of others to help them unlock their potential and remove the barriers to their own success. Yet, she will admit that in addition to being compassionate, she has a competitive side to her…

So, what’s this competitiveness?
Ah…yes, that….I was once a highly competitive golfer. In fact, my team won the regionals when I was in high school. As a mom of two young kids, this side of me takes a bit of a back seat so it’s not something most people might know about today but it’s there for sure!

Your kids must be a big part of your well-being today…
Very much so! Well-being for me is about having the energy necessary to enjoy activities with my family. Sometimes this means making it through a full day with two very energized kids that don’t take a nap. Making sure I exercise and stay mindful of my stress helps me maintain the balance as well.

I will confess, though, that sometimes I have to find creative ways to stay ahead of things…the other day my daughter begged to go to the indoor play area at McDonald’s and I told her it was closed.

What’s your favorite acronym?
TGIF for sure. I love my job but also appreciate the ability to have my family time and come back refreshed to give 110%. When we get that family time we’re out mountain biking, playing in a backyard creek, swimming or having other adventures.

What do you love about working at WebMD?
Our value to “Earn leadership every day, demand excellence and strive for continuous improvement” is very inspiring to me. I am so motivated to work with such amazing people and it helps me to thrive and grow.

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