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A Smart Start to a Healthy Shopping Cart

Well-balanced nutrition provides energy for our bodies to perform to their best every day. But sometimes going to the grocery store can be as overwhelming as trying to choose a healthy option on a menu. You go in with good intentions and walk out with all of aisle seven.

Let these tips make your trips to the grocery store a little more successful:

  • Eat before you go. Going to the grocery store hungry makes it all too easy to pile your cart high with unnecessary items.
  • Make a list. Go prepared with things you know you need. Use your list as your GPS to direct you through the store, going only to the items on the list so you’re less likely to put needless items in your cart.
  • Shop the perimeter. The produce aisle is always a star of any grocery store perimeter and is therefore an excellent place to focus your shopping. Start here first and then go only down the aisles that complement what you’ve got in your cart from the produce section.
  • Choose food with natural color. Different colors are different vitamins allowing fruits and vegetables to fulfill a variety of nutritional needs. Fresh, frozen or canned, these foods are the way to go. Just keep an eye on sodium and light syrup that may be in some items and consider rinsing canned options to limit those add-ons.
  • Read food labels. Know exactly what you’re putting into your body. It is important to read the serving size, because current food labels only mention nutritional value for one serving based on a daily 2,000-calorie diet. For labels that tout being “low” in something like fat, calories, sodium or sugar, compare the product against the original to see what has changed to make it low in those areas.
  • Read the ingredients. Ingredient lists are ranked in order from highest to lowest quantity. For example, if water is the first, then that product is mostly water.


Follow these simple tips to make your grocery shopping easier and stay on track to support your health and well-being goals.

Alicia’s Education & Certifications 

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
AFPA – Nutrition and Wellness consultant
ACSM – Physical Activity and Public Health Specialist

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