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Deanna White: Walking the Walk

As a coaching customer service representative for WebMD Health Services, Deanna White feels honored to work at a place where she can put into practice things she really believes in.

What does well-being look like to you?
Well-being can’t always be seen physically and it is very personal. To me, it’s about one’s actions or decisions that support them. I struggle each day with my own health issues and I know how to make better choices that improve my well-being. Working at WebMD had reinforced that for me and I love being able to help others facing similar challenges.

So it’s fair to say that working at WebMD is something you’re proud of?
Yes, but it’s more than that. I’ll admit at first I was so excited because I thought it was so cool to say, “I work at WebMD!” While it is pretty cool to say that, it’s really more about being part of a company that helps so many people in such personal and important ways.

Where might we find you when you’re not at work? 
Oh that’s easy—I’m with my family! Family really is the most important thing to me. I cherish each moment that I get to spend with them. Typically, you can find us either relaxing at home on rainy days or outside walking on nice days. We love to be at the park for cookouts or just to watch our kids playing with and meeting new friends. It really is the little things that matter so much.

That sounds great but we’ve heard there is one other “person” you’re quite a fan of… 
Haha, yes, you could say that. I am a huge Mickey Mouse fan. He’s my favorite because we share a birthday—just the day, though, not the same year. I was actually born on Mickey’s 50th “birthday”.


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