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WebMD Health Services Wins 7 Spring 2020 Digital Health Awards

Last Friday, the Digital Health Awards® announced the winners of their Spring 2020 competition. We’re incredibly excited to share that WebMD Health Services was selected as an award recipient for several categories. In fact, we received an award for all seven submitted categories! Below, we share the awards we received for the products and solutions that our teams develop to best support our clients and their populations.

What are the Digital Health Awards?

Each spring and fall, the Digital Health Awards holds a competition to recognize high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals. A panel of health technology professionals judges entries based on content, format, overall quality, and success in terms of reaching the targeted audience. Gold, silver, bronze, and merit certificates are awarded to the top winners in each category.

Here are the products and content we shared, as well as the awards we received:

WebMD Wellness At Your Side App

Entry Classification: Mobile Digital Health Resources

Category: Mobile Application

We won a silver award for our mobile app, WebMD Wellness At Your SideSM. Our app is an easy way for consumers to manage and track health data, including information that can be seamlessly integrated via other apps, wearable devices, and self-entry methods. Insight into blood pressure measurements, sleep habits, tracking steps, and other details help individuals gain insight into and maintain accountability of their well-being over time.

Wellness At Your Side provides members with a personalized experience that helps them focus on what matters most to them. Simple navigation also makes it easy to locate tools, resources and essential information about their health. All of their personal information is highly secure within the platform as well, so their data stays safe while they’re on the go.

WebMD Health Coach

Entry Classification: Social Media

Category: Instagram

We won a bronze award for our Instagram account, @WebMDHealthCoach. Our account connects our coaching team with the public to provide new and useful content all the time. With this account, followers don’t even need to be clients or consumers of our products to get access to our expertise on an array of well-being topics. Common photos and videos include topics like well-being awareness, wellness tips, fitness tips, recipes, and more. Feel free to give us a follow and stay connected!

Well-Being Engagement: SummaCare and WebMD Health Services

Entry Classification: Digital Health Media / Publications

Category: Blog Post Series (Single Topic)

We won a bronze award for our two-part blog series featuring our client, SummaCare, and one of their employees. Part One of the blog series focuses on how SummaCare experienced a positive effect on company culture when they introduced The Invitational Team Steps Challenge. Part Two of the blog series delivers a compelling story about a SummaCare employee and her participation in the wellness challenge.

This blog series is an excellent testimonial to how company wellness challenges can increase engagement, boost company culture and even change lives. We are proud of the collaboration we have with our clients, and are so happy that they share personal success stories with us.


Entry Classification: Web-Based Digital Health

Category: Responsive Website Design

We won a bronze award for our WebMD ONE platform. This responsive design was developed with the consumer in mind. Powered by data collected through interactions and preferences, WebMD ONE presents tools and resources that are most relevant to participants based on their personal interests and clinical needs to improve their well-being. By creating holistic, relevant, and meaningful experiences for participants, we also open the door for deeper engagement, encouraging positive outcomes, and improving their overall well-being.

Overall, this platform incorporates responsive design to allow participants easy access to the full website on a desktop computer or on the go via either a mobile browser or our WebMD ONE native app.

WebMD ONE Senior

Entry Classification: Web-Based Digital Health

Category: Responsive Website Design

We also won a bronze award for our WebMD ONE Senior platform. At WebMD, we know that not all seniors are frail and elderly, as the stereotype indicates. Like anyone, seniors have different health needs and expectations from technology as well as from their individualized health plans. And we know that seniors are increasingly seeking information online about their chronic conditions and medications.

We created WebMD ONE Senior to provide a personalized senior well-being experience that engages lower-acuity Medicare Advantage members with affordable, high-touch interventions before a costly healthcare event occurs. This platform leverages our core solutions plus new capabilities that support behavior change for older adult members.

Like WebMD ONE, WebMD ONE Senior incorporates responsive design to allow participants to access it anywhere via desktop computer, mobile browser, and native app.

Daily Habits

Entry Classification: Web-Based Digital Health

Categories: Chronic Disease Portal Website, Interactive Content / Rich Media

Finally, we won two merit certificates for our behavior change solution, Daily Habits. This tool considers a participant’s personal situation and helps them take small, actionable steps every day that lead to overall well-being goals. For example, instead of asking individuals to complete a specific form of exercise, Daily Habits asks them if they completed cardio and strength training exercise in a manner that’s appropriate for their interests and skill level. This is part of an open-ended and holistic approach to behavior change involving self-directed planning and accountability, action-based education, and targeted user feedback.

Regarding the chronic disease portal website, Daily Habits currently features six chronic condition programs to help participants manage an existing condition. These programs focus on helping manage asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, and hypertension.

Regarding the interactive content award, Daily Habits leverages intake questionnaires to provide relevant activities for a specific goal and an outtake questionnaire to measure behavior change.

We’d like to thank the Digital Health Awards for recognizing our achievements. For more information about our well-being products and solutions, contact us at

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