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Self-Care Isn’t Selfish: How Organizations Can Help Employees Focus on Their Own Well-Being

Did you know? Self-care is one of the most powerful tools we have to gain greater control of our stress and prevent burnout. September is National Self-Care Awareness Month, and to honor this observance, we’ve rounded up all our ideas for how you and your employees can take time to focus on self-care and improve well-being.

How to Promote Self-Care and Encourage Employees to Practice It


Blog: Ways Organizations Can Encourage Employee Self-Care

When people take time to care for themselves, they’re more likely to show up positively in all aspects of their lives, including the workplace. In this blog, we share how organizations can encourage self-care during the workday and strengthen their culture of well-being.

Blog: How Your Organization Can Participate in Stress Awareness Month & Reduce Employee Stress All Year Long

Here we offer ideas for planning fun, stress-busting activities for employees. We also include suggestions for how to leverage the stress management resources you already have, and take a look at elements of workplace culture that have a significant impact on employee stress levels.

Blog: Remarkable Resilience: Tools for Combating Stress and Burnout with Sheila Hamilton

All types of employees—from leaders to middle managers to frontline employees—are experiencing record-high levels of stress, anxiety, burnout, and disengagement—even high performers. Sheila Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Beyond Well Media, maintains that self-care is never selfish, and shares her tips for how we can use resilience to combat toxic stress and burnout in our lives.

Blog: Causes of Low Productivity in the Workplace and 10 Things Employers Can Do About It

In this blog, we explore the potential causes of low productivity in the workplace right now and what employers can do to reverse the trend. Spoiler alert: it’s not just about remote work.

Blog: The Difference Between Mental and Emotional Health:  What Your Organization Can Do to Support Both

While we sometimes use the terms “mental health” and “emotional health” interchangeably, they really are two different things. This article offers an overview of what is meant by mental health and emotional health, and how we can use this understanding to provide people with the right type of well-being support.

Webinar: Resilience and Gratitude, or Stress and Burnout: What Are You Offering Your Workforce?

Listen to three well-being experts discuss how organizations can help to change the stereotype of self-care from something that is thought of as a “luxury” or a “treat” to the small acts we do every day to keep our tanks full.

Webinar: Survey Says: Employee Self-Care for the Win

In this webinar, Textron Aviation shares how they used pulse surveys to uncover that self-care was overwhelmingly the top priority for their employees. We also showcase how they developed a versatile set of self-care activities and resources that resonated with employees—and provide takeaways for your own well-being programs.


Self-Care Ideas to Support Women and Caregivers


Blog: Ways Organizations Can Support Caregiving Employees

It’s common for caregivers to put themselves last when it comes to care. This blog shows you how to encourage employees to take time during the workday for self-care, including exercise, finding a well-being moment, going for a walk, and more.

Blog: How to Support Your Working Parents Over the Summer

For working parents, particularly those with school age children, the summer months often spell real childcare challenges. In this blog, we discuss how employers can support working parents’ well-being over the summer—and how employees can set the right boundaries—to keep everyone happy, healthy and productive. Hint: these tips work well all year long, too!

Blog: Ways to Support Women’s Well-Being in the Workplace

The past several years have been particularly challenging for women as they grappled with the effects of the pandemic, including homeschooling, a childcare shortage, care for elderly relatives, and a disproportionate share of household chores. It was enough to cause an exodus of women from the workforce. This blog unpacks the issue and suggests ways organizations can support women’s self-care so that they can continue to work and care for their well-being.

Leaders and Managers Need Self-Care, Too


Blog: Leadership and Mental Health: The Importance of Taking Care of Your Team

It’s hard for leaders to be ambassadors for self-care if they aren’t doing it themselves. In this blog, WebMD General Manager, John Harrison, shares his thoughts on the importance of mental health leadership, how we can prioritize our own mental health, and ways we can encourage our teams to do the same.

Blog: Manager Burnout Is Getting Worse: Strategies to Help Managers Cope

Manager burnout is on the rise, with studies showing that at least 40% to over 50% of managers are experiencing burnout. This blog discusses why managers are feeling this way, what to do about manager burnout, and suggestions for how to prevent it in the future.

Blog: Heard at the Empower Client Forum: Mental Health, Manager Support & More

At our Empower Client Forum in May we heard from our clients about the key themes and challenges they’re facing when it comes to well-being in the workplace. Check out what’s top mind for our clients right now.


What have you done for your own personal self-care today?

We hope this roundup has been helpful as you consider ways to help your organization focus more on self-care this September and all year long. If you’d like help devising a strategy to make employee well-being and self-care a priority in your organization, contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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