Imagine a well-being experience
with countless possibilities.

Let Us Show You

Introducing a totally different way to engage consumers about their well-being.

WebMD ONE seamlessly weaves together a personalized combination of lifestyle interests, clinical needs and employer priorities. The experience becomes more compelling over time as individuals continue to interact.

Meaningful engagement is the key to developing healthy behavior change. That requires an approach focused on consumer interaction above all else. WebMD ONE helps individuals build positive habits through unique experiences that enable them to interact on their own terms.

Let us show you our approach in a quick, high-level overview.

The WebMD ONE experience is easy, intuitive and offers information effortlessly. Consumers do not have to search for what they need. The process of building lasting, healthy habits is a fluid interaction—not a scripted series of tasks that promise a benefit.

The WebMD ONE experience becomes personalized from the very start. A first-time user (we’ll call her Alex) chooses up to three well-being priorities or interests she’d like to explore…

… and any health conditions she would like to manage.

WebMD ONE uses Alex’s selections here, as well as her claims information and her employer’s priorities, to personalize her experience.

Her interests then appear as icons on her Home screen, along with resources (such as speaking with a health coach) and recommended content based on her choices.

The Home screen is Alex’s starting point upon subsequent visits.

When Alex selects the diabetes icon, she enters the diabetes path. There, she chooses to start a goal to help manage her condition.

To meet her diabetes goal, Alex will need to track three daily behaviors: healthy eating, medication compliance and exercise.

Alex then returns to her diabetes path, where she can connect with her health coach for advice, read diabetes related articles from, or visit a relevant third-party partner.

The WebMD ONE experience gets more compelling over time. As individual interests and needs change, WebMD ONE adjusts with them, to help people achieve their goals throughout all stages of their lives.

Later, when Alex returns to her Home screen, she sees a relevant survey (we call these pulse surveys). This survey is about stress—a lifestyle interest she indicated earlier.

Pulse surveys are designed as a quick check-in with users about topics that are important to them and their employers. This is just one example of how WebMD ONE gathers well-being information and leverages it to motivate consumers.

Alex’s stress path has been updated based on information provided in the pulse survey. Her employer has chosen to prioritize a resilience partner. With WebMD ONE, employers have the ability to prioritize cards within their organization to drive awareness and engagement to their initiatives.

WebMD ONE brings together proven solutions from WebMD, third-party partners and employer vendors to create a unified well-being experience. Individuals can access all of their well-being tools in a single place.

WebMD ONE becomes more powerful the more resources it has to offer, no matter where an offering originates. Streamlined access and identity management capabilities enable individuals to transition smoothly between products—ours, theirs or yours.

WebMD ONE is a person-first well-being experience that encourages individuals to build habits in a lasting way rather than prescribing tasks that promise a benefit. The more they engage, the more relevant their experience becomes—and the more insights WebMD ONE delivers to help consumers reach their goals and companies achieve their objectives.

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