Workplace Wellness Assessment
Diagnose Your Well-Being Program Symptoms

Let’s face it: Checking symptoms is in our DNA

Got a pain in your program? A crick in your culture? An ouchie in your outcomes? You’ve come to the right place.

Diagnose your organization’s well-being problem, and receive real advice for fixing it.

Answer 4 Simple Questions To Get Your Treatment Plan

1. What is the most stubborn challenge your well-being program faces?


2. What is the most common complaint you receive about your well-being program from employees?


3. What’s the goal over the next year to improve your well-being program?


4. Which phrase best describes your program today?


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This tool is not a substitute for professional medical advice—especially because your organization isn’t actually, you know … a biological being. If your symptoms reveal that you need help with leadership support, engagement, hard-to-reach populations, or culture, we recommend that you contact us immediately. Ignoring these symptoms can result in lost ROI, depleted morale, and being generally bummed out at work. Nobody wants that.