Communication Services 

An Easy Way to Increase Engagement

Engaging Communication Services from WebMD can transform skeptical, resistant members into active wellness participants and advocates – and meet population wellness goals. From full strategic and creative communications resources to ready-to-go materials, you’ll receive communication solutions that motivate and inspire the actions that help create healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Looking for solutions that are customized to your specific objectives? Our Communication Strategists and Creative Specialists can help you with all your needs – from strategic planning to implementing your communications program.

WebMD also offers strategic, prepackaged communication campaigns to help publicize and promote WebMD solutions to employees or health plan members. Download, adapt and share – our materials are yours to use, free of charge.


More Portal Interactions

WebMD clients with Communications Services clients saw higher wellness portal engagement.

Source: WebMD Health Services 2015 Employer Book of Business


Higher Health Assessment Completion Rate

Communication Services clients enjoyed higher health assessment completion rates.

Source: WebMD Health Services 2015 Employer Book of Business

Features & Benefits

Your Communications and Marketing Partner


A Welcome Pair of Hands

Spread the word to your employees or members without having to lean on your already-stretched marketing or HR resources.


Services to Suit Your Style

Create custom resources with a Communications Strategist, or use and adapt existing communications material.


Designed by Engagement Experts

All of our campaigns are guided by industry best practices, which means you can feel confident that they’re backed by solid strategy.


Seamlessly Integrated

Our Communication Strategists ensure that your custom campaigns fully align with your business objectives and initiatives.

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