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Coaching Partnership Boosts Employee Wellness at Verizon

Concerned about the serious health issues associated with the complications of prediabetes and the progression to diabetes, Verizon turned to WebMD. Their strong partnership and WebMD’s Weight Management Coaching program delivered results that surpassed expectations.

Knowing Verizon’s culture well, the WebMD team developed a coaching pilot for more than 14,000 people identified as prediabetic. Managing weight to mitigate the prediabetes progression was the goal.

Learn how the right targeting and directed efforts not only resulted in positive outcomes for one program but led them to launch a broader coaching program to more than 100,000 employees.

See the results of this program, including:

  • A 40% increase in visits to the company’s well-being platform.
  • A 75% coaching program completion rate.
  • A total weight loss of 3,299 pounds.
  • Use of SMS texting by 67% of people enrolled in coaching.
  • And more!

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