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Today, Tomorrow & Beyond: A Well-Being Roundtable

In this special webinar, Michael Sokol, M.D., M.S., our Chief Medical Officer and Christine Muldoon, our Senior Director of Market Strategy are joined by Gary Smithson, M.D., a healthcare strategy consultant. Together, they take an in-depth look at how consumerism is driving the evolution of well-being.

Get the latest on how consumerism is changing:




Holistic solutions

Hear from our panel of industry experts about the reshaping well-being market – and what you should do to keep up.

Presented by

Gary Smithson, M.D.
Healthcare Strategy Consultant,
Smithson Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Christine Muldoon
Executive Director, Business and Product Strategy,
WebMD Health Services

Michael Sokol, M.D., M.S.
Chief Medical Officer,
WebMD Health Services

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