Fuel Your Well-Being Inspiration

Together, we can elevate a culture of well-being, nurture meaningful engagement and deliver lasting results.

Small Steps Lead to Big Outcomes

When it comes to well-being, we’re not here to check the box. As part of the WebMD family, we’ve spent more than 25 years developing research-backed programs that empower people and foster real change, promoting a cascade of growth at all levels of your organization.

It’s not just good for business—it’s the right thing to do.

Why WebMD Health Services as Your Well-Being Partner?

1 Collaborative Partnership

We aren’t just a vendor, we’re your partner. As your business and people’s needs change, we are committed to meeting those changing needs.


“We were looking for a partner in this space and [for] a company that aligned with our values. We left the old company because we would come up with new ideas of what we wanted, and they would tell us no, or that we couldn’t do it.” – Employer Client


2 Flexibility Made Simple

Our segmentation capabilities are built into our architecture—providing the flexibility to configure the experience, content and communications for all segments of your population—now, and in the future.


“WebMD gives us the flexibility to provide different programs or customizations for each employer. We did not get this from our other vendor.” – Health Plan Client


3 Brand Trust

Trust in our brand directly contributes to strong results that matter—from measurable improvements in retention and engagement, to a real impact on the bottom line.


“The WebMD brand name got us through the door. What has kept us is their willingness to work with us and be open.” – Employer Client


This is Our Why

We’re passionate about empowering well-being in
everyone. It’s been our purpose since day one.

Who’s coming with us?


clients including
global employers


people empowered in
their well-being journey




dedicated coaches
and well-being staff


health coaching calls

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Excellence Is in Our Name

The WebMD name is one you already know and trust, and to us, keeping that trust is critical—our ability to help people live healthier lives depends on it. Our numerous third-party certifications, accreditations, recognitions and awards demonstrate the depth of our commitment.