A Different Approach to Well-Being.

Every well-being journey is personal. So is our solution.

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Your Well-Being. Your Solution.

Life is multi-faceted and your wellness solution should be as well. From integrating with third-party vendors to connecting with your own internal systems to reflecting your unique look and feel, it’s how we make sure your wellness program does what you need it to do.



Working Together for One Purpose.

A holistic wellness solution can be thought of like a team. Each member has a job to do but must work seamlessly and cooperatively with the others. That’s what each component of our wellness solutions do. The result? A cohesive program that helps you achieve the results you seek.


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Backed by the Brand You Trust.

The well-being of your employees or health plan members is something that deserves special care. That’s why you need to work with a company you know and trust to do things right.

WebMD is the brand you have counted on and can continue to count on.

Our established industry partnerships add to our own health and wellness leadership to give you the holistic programs you and your employees or members deserve.



People Eligible for WebMD Wellness Solutions

Serving a variety of different employer and health plan clients, our solutions address the well-being needs of more than 71 million people.

Source: 2015 WebMD Book of Business


Estimated Annual Savings Per Person

Our wellness solutions save an average of $118 per person each year, based upon Health Assessment result comparisons from 2014 to 2015.

Source: 2015 WebMD Book of Business

Because Knowledge Is Power.

Complete, accurate and validated health information is what you’ve always trusted WebMD for. With an integrated WebMD wellness solution you get the benefit of this knowledge and then some.

We curate content from our extensive library and serve it directly to your employees and members. This saves them time and helps get them further along in their wellness journey.


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