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A New Approach to Tobacco Cessation Programs

With high potential return-on-investment, it’s not surprising that smoking cessation programs are one of the first steps in many company wellness initiatives. But how do you know know that the smoking cessation program you choose will provide lasting results? It’s one thing to help someone quit smoking. It’s another thing to help smokers get ready to quit – and help them stay quit.

Integrated health coaching and health resources keep quitters on track

WebMD Health Services integrates our whole-person health coaching and our online health resources for a step-by-step approach to smoking cessation:

  1. Help smokers get ready to quit. Smokers are identified through the WebMD HealthQuotientSM (HQ) health risk assessment, which also evaluates their readiness to change and other health risks. Smokers who want to quit but aren’t ready yet can be enrolled in whole-person health coaching to help them set and achieve goals around other risk factors. As they gain success, they build self-efficacy. And as they explore their ambivalence to quitting, they get closer to being ready to change. When they’re ready, they’re moved into Tobacco Cessation Coaching.
  2. Support smokers through the quitting process. Our intensive Tobacco Cessation CoachingSM program combines health coaching by tobacco treatment specialists, integrated nicotine replacement therapy, and personalized online health resources to help people successfully quit smoking. Participants also use WebMD’s online smoking cessation program, and they have access to expert-moderated Message Board Exchanges, personalized messaging, and health incentives.
  3. Help smokers stay quit. After smokers quit successfully, a WebMD whole-person health coach helps them prevent relapse with strategies to manage tobacco cravings, prevent weight gain, manage stress, and continue improving overall health.

The Impact of Tobacco Cessation Programs

Other smoking cessation programs may take a more limited approach, such as telephone-only, web-only, or pharmaceutical discount-only. These typically deliver quit rates from 15% to 45%. In contrast, our Tobacco Cessation Coaching program, along with a financial health incentive, delivered a 57% success rate to one of our large employer clients. If you’d like more information on our tobacco cessation program, please contact us at whsinfo@webmd.net.


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