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First, Security. Now, Quality.

Earlier this month, we announced that we have earned the gold standard in health data security: HITRUST CSF Certification. Today, we add another feather in our cap. We’re proud to announce that WebMD Health Services has earned two industry-leading accreditations and a certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

These accreditations demonstrate our commitment to quality and assure our customers that when you work with us, you are providing your employees and members the best well-being programs and services. You can be sure that we follow industry best practices that contain health care costs and help keep individuals healthy.

Organizations must pass a rigorous, comprehensive review to earn the NCQA accreditation. Why do we do it? Well, we are committed to creating healthy workplaces. We strive to provide our employer and health plan customers and their populations with the best support possible to manage their well-being in ways that suit their unique needs.

Our strong clinical foundation is a point of pride and a source of consumer trust. To maintain that trust and validate our focus on clinically rigorous solutions for our clients and the millions of people we serve, we earn seals of approval from NCQA, HITRUST and other industry groups.

We’ve come this far in the post without actually giving any details about the NCQA accreditations and certifications, so here they are:

  • Wellness and Health Promotion Accreditation, which evaluates WebMD Health Services’ employer and health plan well-being programs and their effectiveness at improving healthy behaviors.
  • Patient and Practitioner-Oriented Disease Management Accreditation, which evaluates WebMD Health Service’s chronic disease condition management programs for asthma, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, and diabetes.
  • Health Information Product (HIP): Support for Healthy Living Certification, which demonstrates that an organization has expertise in gathering and disseminating health care information for health plan members.

Our health plan customers are welcome to leverage these accreditations for their own benefit. They may significantly streamline their standards-review process for their own NCQA accreditations.

We should also point out that these are not our first accreditation from NCQA. WebMD Health Services has consistently maintained the level of quality that NCQA demands. We earned certifications for Health Information Products, Health Appraisals and Self-Management Tools in 2012. Two years later we earned the Wellness and Health Promotion Accreditation, followed in 2015 by the Disease Management Patient-Oriented Accreditation.

While these achievements are a great accomplishment, the work doesn’t stop here. We will remain vigilant. To maintain these accreditations and certification (and renew them when the time comes), we have full-time staff dedicated to adhering to these standards every day.

They monitor for any updates in the accreditation requirements and update business processes, products and services accordingly. Senior leaders and the Quality Oversight Committee convene regularly to review and manage the WebMD quality assurance strategy.

For more information about NCQA, visit www.ncqa.org

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