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How a 15-Minute Health Screening Changed Lisa’s Life

One simple finger prick. That’s all it took to completely change the trajectory of Lisa’s life. In this week’s blog, learn how a 52-year old librarian discovered her health was at risk, prompting her to make some important changes and finally put herself first.

When Lisa Adams, a librarian in Utah’s Alpine School District, attended an EMI Health Plan Benefits Fair last year she had no intention of getting a biometric screening. But, when a WebMD Health Coach told her it would just take 15 minutes to learn about her health risks she thought, why not?

The results shocked her. Although she felt completely fine, her cholesterol was high. Thinking about all the family members and friends who had diabetes and heart disease, and fearing that could be her fate, too, she immediately made an appointment with her doctor. The doctor confirmed what the screening revealed: Lisa needed to make some lifestyle changes.

She joined a gym and started working out five days a week. The key to sticking to her workout routine was exercising first thing, before anything could interfere. As Lisa says, “Nothing else is happening at  five o’clock in the morning.” Within eight weeks she could see a physical difference and had much more energy. She also focused on what she was putting into her body, switching to heart-healthy foods and upping her vegetable intake.

At WebMD we often talk about the importance of having a “why,” or reason to change behavior.

Lisa is a textbook example of the power of intrinsic motivation. She’s a mom of four grown children and a grandmother to five grandchildren. She wants to be around to see them grow and be able to enjoy her life over the next 20 to 30 years.

But she also wants to be healthy for herself. Lisa says her “why” is “Why not? Why wouldn’t you do that for yourself?” Lisa shared with us the benefits she’s gained from focusing on her health:

  • She’s more comfortable in her own body
  • Her sleep is much-improved
  • She doesn’t worry as much
  • She has the energy to keep up with her grandkids

Lisa told us she wished someone would have woken her up sooner. She never thought she’d be the sort of person to ask where the hotel gym is, but now she takes her gym clothes on vacation so she can keep up her routine. She didn’t think it was OK to put herself first, but this experience has taught her that it’s critical. In her words, “I will not compromise on myself ever again, ever.”

To learn about how a partnership with WebMD Health Services can give your population access to life-changing health screenings like Lisa’s, contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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