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James Beckerman, M.D. Expands Role With WebMD Health Services

James Beckerman, M.D.

WebMD Health Services is excited to announce James Beckerman, M.D. has expanded his role within our company to Medical Director. Moving forward, he will provide clinical oversight for WebMD’s disease management program and serve on our Quality Oversight Committee.

Dr. Beckerman brings passion and vast expertise to WebMD, with a focus on prevention and lifestyle modification. As a long-standing member of the WebMD Health Services Clinical Advisory Board, he has been instrumental in providing clinical direction and guidance on evidence-based clinical guidelines, industry best practice approaches for mitigating health risks and emerging solutions for impacting population health.

In his expanded role, Dr. Beckerman will participate in the Quality Oversight Committee efforts to establish, document and monitor quality standards for WebMD. To achieve this, he will provide guidance on policies related to content standards, editorial practices, clinical reviewer qualifications and other variables that impact the safety and clinical integrity of our site.

Dr. Beckerman will also oversee the development and implementation of our disease management programs. He will provide guidance on the ongoing refinement of program processes and protocols and ensure program alignment with professional standards for clinical and non-clinical care.

Get to know Dr. Beckerman and what drives his passion for health:

What is the inspiration behind your passion for well-being?

I’m inspired by what we call the “80 percent opportunity”—the idea that approximately 80 percent of heart attacks are preventable by eating, moving and living in a healthier way. But, the challenge is how we get there! I’m excited by programs that are evidence-based and emphasize the power of community to make us healthier, combined with the right mix of inspiration and messaging to keep us going.

How do you empower individuals to focus on their health?

It’s sort of ironic that individuals might focus best on their health when they do it as part of a team. For years, I have coached a 5K training group that really leverages the impact of community and accountability to make real change happen. I believe that by helping to create a community infrastructure, we ultimately build a better self.

What excites you about working with WebMD Health Services?

I have had the pleasure of working with WebMD for over ten years. I appreciate the company’s whole-person focus and commitment to high quality, evidence-based content to help steer our national health conversation in the right direction.

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