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Our Financial Wellness E-Book Is Now Available

Finances can be a big stressor for employees, often spilling over into the workplace, causing distraction and reduced productivity. Financial stress can even begin to negatively affect employee mental and physical health. That’s why financial wellness support has become an important part of the employee benefits package. If you’d like to offer employees help for financial wellness but don’t know where to start, our e-book, How and Why Financial Wellness Programs Help Your Employees—And You, can help.

Traditionally, helping employees manage their personal finances wasn’t considered an employer’s responsibility. Employers’ involvement in their employees’ finances was limited to a salary, help with retirement savings, and possibly tax-advantaged health care spending and savings accounts.

But, when you consider that a financially stressed workforce is less productive and more costly than a financially well workforce, it’s easy to understand why supporting employees in managing their finances makes good business sense.

In our e-book, you’ll find great information on:

  • Why financial wellness matters for your employees;
  • What a financial wellness program looks like;
  • How to customize your program to your workforce; and
  • How to ensure the success of the financial wellness program.

The e-book will also give you a better understanding of how a financial wellness program can lead to improved creativity and innovation; higher employee satisfaction; lower turnover; and better productivity.

You’ll also learn about WebMD’s financial wellness program through our partner, iGrad/Enrich. This program helps participants reduce financial stress by providing access to educational resources to improve financial literacy across a range of topics, like budgeting and managing debt, paying off student loans and saving for a major purchase. The results of our financial wellness offering speak for themselves: in a recent survey, iGrad/Enrich found that 35.5% of respondents said their reduction in financial stress was due to using the Enrich platform.


Providing a salary and some retirement planning assistance used to be enough. But today’s workforce expects more when it comes to financial wellness. Let our financial wellness e-book be your guide. If you need help creating a plan to help your employees with financial wellness, contact us at connect@webmd.net.



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