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SummaCare and WebMD Health Services: Bringing Employees Together One Step at a Time

WebMD Health Services’ well-being challenges inspire members to get more exercise, eat better, and lose weight. But they can also serve to bring an organization together around a common goal and make a positive impact on company culture.

One of our long-standing clients, SummaCare, experienced this positive effect on company culture when they introduced The Invitational Team Steps Challenge in 2018. A five-week step challenge, The Invitational encouraged employees to form teams and compete against one another to log the greatest number of steps. The results from the initial challenge were impressive!

  • The typical participant walked nearly 5 miles each day
  • The average number of steps per participant was over 325,000
  • On average per day, participants logged over 10,000 steps

Timing is everything.

For one participant, The Invitational could not have come at a better time. Mary Jo had just recovered from a surprise heart attack when she got an email inviting her to participate in the challenge. She joined a team, and even rescued a puppy to keep up her motivation to walk.

Her success with walking led to other lifestyle improvements, like cutting out fried foods and renewing her commitment to Weight Watchers. She’s since lost 15 pounds and is feeling great. (We’ll share more of Mary Jo’s story next week’s blog.)

A little healthy competition can be great for workplace culture.

Mary Jo reported that the step challenge brought her closer together with her co-workers. Members of her team really kept each other accountable during The Invitational. One teammate checked on the team every day to see if they had entered their steps and gave them daily updates on their team’s standing.

SummaCare offers wellness challenges to its members because it recognizes that regular physical activity reduces health risks—and The Invitational is a fun and engaging way to promote exercise. That’s extra important because the company operates multiple facilities, and looks for ways to bring all of its employees together. The Invitational was able to do that, with more than 50 teams participating. Jen Yates, Health Promotion Coordinator at SummaCare, says “Our members personally take control of their health through awareness, education, resources, and fun engagement.”

Since the introduction of The Invitational, WebMD Health Services has seen overall participation in challenges skyrocket. From 2013 to 2018, we have seen a 266% increase in overall challenge participation.

SummaCare and WebMD–partners in well-being.

SummaCare is a regional, provider-owned health plan based in Akron, Ohio that offers health plans and services to employers of all sizes, as well as individuals and families. It is part of Summa Health, an integrated health care delivery system that includes hospitals, community-based health centers and dedicated clinicians.

WebMD Health Services has been a health and well-being partner of SummaCare for the past eight years and our strong, strategic partnership has grown over time to meet its needs. We are tremendously thankful for the trust and confidence SummaCare has placed in us and thrilled to see how our work together has improved the lives of its employees.

Interested in bringing your organization together with a fun, healthy challenge? Check out our e-book, Putting Well-Being Challenges to Work for You.

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