Is Your Well-Being Program
Losing Air?

If you aren’t getting employees excited year after year, then it’s time
to Move Up—because living in the comfort zone is easy.

The best well-being programs continually mature, progress and adapt to stay relevant. But too often programs plateau, preventing employees from reaching their full potential.

To Move Up, take an honest look at what you offer. Next, schedule a virtual assessment with our team, who will provide strategic insights to elevate your program- no strings attached.

Common Well-Being Challenges

When talking with employers, several clear challenges emerge.

  • The program is simply not cutting it: It’s not meaningful, aligned with business objectives or impacting company culture.
  • Incentives only go so far: They drive good interaction, but engagement has peaked, falling short of producing real behavior change or outcomes.
  • No flexibility: Your program hasn’t grown and can’t reach or connect with diverse employee populations.
  • Difficult to prove ROI or VOI: Unable to move beyond high-level measurement and demonstrate impact on healthcare costs, culture, productivity and retention.

WebMD’s 9 Best Practices for Successful Programs

Lift your program up by using a behavior change approach grounded in our 9 best practices. These essentials—combined with our person-first WebMD ONE platform—are the keys to moving past engagement statistics to actual health results.

0 x
improvement in employee health risks.
0 %
of participants report improvements in well-being.
0 %+
report improvements in exercise and nutrition.
0 %
report improvements in managing diabetes.
0 %
report improvements in managing asthma.

“Love the flexibility of the Cards. We utilize those to push individuals into other programs that employer groups may want to drive their populations into. I encourage anyone who hasn’t made the transition to think about it. WebMD has been great.”
– Health Plan Client Administrator

Move your program up to the next level. Let’s see how the 9 best practices can go to work for your employees.