WebMD’s Dimensions
of Well-Being

Learn how our five dimensions of well-being drive the strategy
behind our well-being program.

Clinically Managed
We believe a well-being program needs a strong clinical foundation. At WebMD Health Services, our trusted Clinical Advisory Board validates every one of our products and services.
Emotionally Balanced
A balanced state of mind can help people manage stress and be more productive. To help individuals at your organization be their best, we offer a wide range of stress, sleep and specialized tools that help support mental health.
Socially Connected
An active social life can be just as important for health as exercising and eating healthy. With plenty of team wellness challenges, onsite events and messaging apps, we help individuals feel like they belong to a community.
Physically Fit
Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent disease, improve sleep, boost the mood and much more. That’s why we provide health coaching, nutrition trackers, videos, activity competitions and other tools that help people get and stay fit.
Financially Secure
Stressing over finances can take a toll on a person’s emotional and physical wellness. To help people ease their money worries, we offer a comprehensive financial education program.

5 Reasons to Partner
With WebMD Health Services

We Are Behavior Change Experts
WebMD is the only company built on using science, research, data and clinical validation to empower the best possible outcomes. Our behavior change solutions give individuals a complete view of their well-being and help them take small steps that lead to long-term health habits.
We Drive Deeper Connections and Engagement
Well-being is personal. That’s why our flexible, configurable architecture is designed to personalize content, communications, and the full digital experience for all segments of an organization, making every interaction more meaningful.
We Inspire Health Decisions Every Day Through Unrivaled Service
We’re more than a vendor—we’re your partner. We listen to your goals and provide strategic support with extensive hands-on experience to set you and your consumers up for success. Plus, we’re constantly innovating and planning new programs, solutions, and content to better serve your populations.
We Have Demonstrated the Value of Our Programs
We’re experts in data security, incentives best practices, outcomes-based rewards, and behavior change—but don’t take our word for it. We’ve won several top industry awards and hold the highest accreditations from NCQA and HITRUST.
Your Population Already Trusts Us
Every month, millions of people trust WebMD for reliable health information. Our market-leading credibility directly contributes to strong results that matter—an improvement in engagement and overall health outcomes.

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