Real Data for Real Results

You’ve made a commitment to wellness. Now see how that commitment pays off. Get the insights you need, when you need them with CoreInsights, WebMD’s powerful wellness program dashboard and reporting tool.

Welcome to reporting made easy. CoreInsights lets you choose the type and format of report you need. Want a graphical overview for an executive presentation? No problem. Need a tabular report with all the details? You get do that, too. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, CoreInsights gives you data you can use.


Standard Reports

CoreInsights gives you over 20 standard reports from which to choose.


Custom Reports Available

Use the wizard to run ad hoc reports or have WebMD create customized reports.

Get wellness program activity for registration, site engagement, utilization, messaging and more. Track medical costs by risk factor and even data showing employee absenteeism and presenteeism. Then, use this information to make ongoing enhancements to your program, keep wellness front and center for your employees or members.

Features & Benefits

The Data You Need. The Results You Want.


Ready When You Need It

With CoreInsights, you can get information any time you need it with our robust set of standard reports and dashboards.


Data to Meet Your Needs

Need information beyond what’s in the standard reports? No problem. The built-in report wizard or our fully custom reports can do the job.


Segment Data for Useful Analysis

With CoreInsights, you can segment data and filter by a variety of attributes such as user location, member type, gender and more.


Robust Tool, Easy to Use

Embedded video tutorials and documentation make learning how to get the most out of CoreInsights possible so that you spend your time on what really matters.

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