Data Interchange

Integrate Your Data Seamlessly

With Data Interchange, WebMD enables bi-directional transmission of your population’s information. Multiple secure methods for transferring and exchanging data support a wide range of imports and exports – allowing you to become the centralized hub for your users’ well-being.

Import all kinds of claims data to create complete Health Records for your users – unique and personalized for each one. Medical and prescription claims, lab results, device data, and even self-reported data…it’s easy to create a central location for health information.

Export data to your users’ other health partners. Easily power third-party rewards programs, data analytics, messaging and more. Exports can include demographic and eligibility data, health assessment results, coaching program data, and secure messages.


Lines of Data

WebMD imported more than 3.8 billion lines of data into our system in 2014.

Source: WebMD statistics


Files Loaded

In 2014, we loaded nearly 23,000 files for 220 unique sponsors/configurations.

Source: WebMD statistics


Shared Data Means User Engagement


Create More Active Users

The more data you have about your users in one place, the more engaged they’ll be. Centralized health and wellness data drives usage.


Seamlessly Connect

By exporting your data in a way that integrates with other health and wellness resources, you’ll make your platform a habit-building hub for your users.


Easily Transfer Data

Coaching program data, Health Assessment results, Health Record data and more are batch-exported. Push Services also allow some types of data to be sent real-time.


All Data Is Private and Confidential

Users interact with WebMD applications via 128-bit SSL-encrypted browser sessions. Aggregate PGP-encrypted data is transferred via sFTP and IP-restricted.

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