Device & App Connection Center

Make Your Device Make Sense

Wearables and other devices are here to stay – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re useful. Turn meaningless numbers into insights with WebMD’s Device and App Connection Center. Make sense of your data – and use to develop smart habits.

More than half of people who own wearable health and fitness devices stop using them. Why? Because most wearables deliver numbers out of context, and raw data is hard to translate into action. Device and App Connection Center bridges that gap, letting you connect wearables, scales, apps and more.

Device and App Connection Center makes it easy to connect and sync devices and apps from Fitbit, Adidas, Garmin and other popular brands. An easy-to-understand dashboard tracks key health and wellness indicators. Finally – devices and apps aren’t just shiny objects.

Features & Benefits

Easy To Use Means Easy To Take Action


More Choices, Better Uptake

WebMD’s Device and App Connection Center integrates with more than 140 activity monitors, medical devices and mobile apps, including the top-selling Fitbit.


Import Data Automatically

Once a device or app is connected, data automatically imports to create an easier, more holistic experience. Why? If it’s simple, you’ll use it more often.


Use the Full Suite of WebMD Solutions

Data from most devices and apps can be used in Wellness Challenges, Rewards, Digital Health Assistant, the Health Assessment and Personal Health Record.


Make Health and Wellness A Habit

Devices and apps encourage health and fitness. By integrating with devices people are already using and making them easier to benefit from, Device and App Connection Center encourages wellness.

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