Digital Health Assistant

The Coach in Your Pocket

Say hello to your online coach, the Digital Health Assistant. It helps you set – and achieve – personal health and wellness goals. It’s fun and easy-to-use. And individual preferences guide its recommendations, which means it’s completely customized to help you reduce your most significant health and wellness risks.

What do you want to do? Stop smoking? Eat better? Feel happier, lose weight, manage stress, exercise more? Whatever your plan, let WebMD help you get there. By setting small, attainable goals, the Digital Health Assistant keeps you engaged and motivated to make progress. Achieve health success easier and faster.

When was the last time health and wellness felt fun? Digital Health Assistant incorporates a wide range of enjoyable activities to help you develop habits that stick. How? By creating tailored goals that help meet the clinical guidelines for managing several common medical conditions, Digital Health Assistant can help make a positive health impact.


6-Month BMI Reduction

Digital Health Assistant users lowered their BMI by an average of .47 over six months, compared to an increase in those who didn’t.

Source: 2014 Digital Health Assistant Matched Cohort Study, WebMD Health Services.


Constant Companion. More Motivation.


Your Health and Wellness. Your Assistant.

The Digital Health Assistant uses your Health Assessment results to help you achieve goals that will lower health risks and help you feel better.


Make Achieving Goals a Snap

Make diet changes, get more exercise, reduce stress…whatever you want to do, chances are the Digital Health Assistant can help you do it.


Part of WebMD’s Full Suite

The Digital Health Assistant integrates with WebMD coaching, Health Assessment, and other components of our full service and solution offering.


The Solution You Can Trust

WebMD’s Health Assessment meets NCQA standards, is clinically validated, and follows recommended evidence-based medical guidelines.

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