Health Assessment

A Complete Health Snapshot

The Health Assessment is the foundation of the WebMD Health Services suite – the first step on a personal, customized path to your best possible life. Wishing you had more energy? Looking to kick a bad habit? If you want to look and feel fantastic, start here.

In just minutes, the Health Assessment gives you a complete picture of your health. You’ll get a health score, an anonymous average to compare yourself against, and an easy-to-read indication of your overall health and fitness. Earn WebMD rewards for completing your Health Assessment and receive personalized tips about what to do next and how to make choices that are good for you.

Health Assessment Screenshot

Six sets of questions, gradually moving from quick and easy to more in-depth, will quiz you about your current health and lifestyle habits. By the time you’re done, you’ll know how healthy you are, how you stack up against others like you, and what health risks you need to be concerned about. And it doesn’t stop there. “Just for you” next steps will gently guide you toward what to do next. Health and well-being are just around the corner with the Health Assessment.


Eligible Employees and Health Plan Members

1 in 5 Americans rely on WebMD Health Services for well-being solutions.

Source: 2015 WebMD Health Services 2015 Book of Business

Features & Benefits

“Just a Health Questionnaire”? So Much More.


Getting Started Is Fast and Easy

Fast and simple-to-use with non-intrusive questions…with the Health Assessment, get a full picture of your health in just minutes.


Complements WebMD’s Full Solution

Health Assessment integrates with Digital Health Assistant, Personal Health Record, and the full WebMD well-being solution. The result? Smart choices become smart habits.


Encourages Action and Accountability

Everybody wants to feel better and make healthier choices. But sticking to a plan can be difficult. The Health Assessment encourages your health and well-being goals.


Valid and Widely Approved

WebMD’s Health Assessment is scientifically-based, valid and reliable. It was evaluated and confirmed to align with the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) standards (requirements).