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WebMD’s native apps take the strengths of our mobile-optimized site one step further. With engaging visuals and the convenience of Android and iOS compatibility, Wellness At Your Side, Daily VictorySM and Weigh TodaySM reimagine the WebMD experience.

Access the best of our online portal from your mobile device using Wellness At Your Side to put health and wellness in the palm of your hand. Let our Daily Victory and Weigh Today apps complement the experience by helping you monitor specific actions on a daily basis. All of our apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or iTunes.


People Using 4-10 Apps Per Day

Consumers say apps are convenient and want to use apps with specialized content and saved user information.

Source: Milward Brown Digital, “The New Mobile Mantra,” 2015

Wellness At Your Side

Take charge of your health and well-being with Wellness At Your Side. Make positive lifestyle changes and form healthier habits, all with “at your fingertips” convenience. Fully integrated with our online portal, this handy wellness app lets you set lifestyle goals, track your progress, earn rewards, message a coach, and get personalized wellness recommendations. You’re just a swipe and a touch away from starting and staying on your personal journey to being your best.

Daily Victory

Forming a healthy habit takes a different kind of work than exercising or eating right – which is what Daily Victory is all about. By starting small and taking it one day at a time, Daily Victory tracks activity, helping you make your wellness the priority it should be.

66 Days to Build a Habit

On average it takes 66 days to fully incorporate a new habit into your lifestyle.

Source: European Journal of Social Psychology (

Weigh Today

Weighing in only takes a few seconds per day, yet it’s been shown to be one of several essential habits that can help you maintain healthy weight loss over time. That’s the power of Weigh Today. It’s not a weight-loss app or an exercise tracker – its sole goal is to help you form the habit of weighing yourself daily as a first step toward improved health and wellness.

27% More Weight Regained

Out of 3,000 weight-loss participants, those who didn’t weigh daily regained an average of 27% more than those who did.  

Source: “Consistent self-Monitoring of weight…”, Butryn ML et al. (

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