Onsite Services

Well-Being at Your Doorstep

Want to take your well-being program to a higher level? WebMD’s Onsite Services make our experts your experts – right at your location. Having the right people with the right knowledge “right there” makes improved health and well-being so much more accessible and can boost your program engagement.

Onsite Wellness Coordinators

As much as you’re committed to creating a well-being culture, it may be only only one of many responsibilities on your plate. An onsite  coordinator takes that responsibility and runs with it, becoming your go-to person for all things well-being.

Enjoy help with planning and executing every aspect of your program including seminars, lunch-and-learns, health fairs and more. Coordinators tap into local people as program ambassadors to develop a well-being champion network for even better program results.


Onsite Coaching Sessions

WebMD onsite coaches conducted more than 7,600 sessions with users at various locations.

Source: WebMD Health Services Analytics.


Engagement Rate

WebMD clients with both onsite and telephonic coaches enjoyed a high percentage of people engage in 3 or more coaching sessions.

Source: WebMD Health Services 2014 Online Coaching Study

Onsite Wellness Coaches

Health coaching works and when that coaching is offered in person, it’s even easier for you to benefit from it. The very personal nature of health coaching makes this so.

A quick visit with a coach can be just what the doctor ordered on any given day. From stress to heart health to diabetes and more, there is no end to the list of things that an onsite coach can help with. From in-depth conversations to quick answers to simple questions, onsite coaches make well-being an everyday part of life.

Features & Benefits

Well-Being Services Where You Are


Visible Empowerment

It’s hard to ignore what’s right in front of you. Coordinators and coaches at your location offer face-to-face, every day encouragement for making the right choices.


Bringing Well-Being to You

A walk down the hall or across the building to visit with your coach is about as simple as it gets. Got a quick question about an upcoming event? Just ask the coordinator that’s right there.


Part of Your Complete Solution

Onsite coordinators and coaches leverage all aspects of your well-being program to encourage maximum engagement and utilization of all components for a holistic approach to a happy, healthy life.


Proven and Reliable

As one of the most trusted brands, you can count on WebMD onsite coordinators and coaches to support you through every step of your well-being journey.