Personal Health Record

Your Health, Front and Center

Prescriptions…allergies…vaccination history…even records of doctor visits…all at your fingertips, easy-to-access on your phone or computer – wherever and whenever you need it. That’s the power of WebMD’s safe, secure Personal Health Record.

Imagine if you could see records from all your health providers – safely and securely, in one easy-to-read place. That’s WebMD Personal Health Record. You can even report additional information yourself to support better treatment, benefits and decisions, and to make it easier for you to talk to your health care providers any time you need to.

WebMD’s Personal Health Record can receive health claims, clinical data, prescription info, and electronic medical records from more than 80 different sources. Why collect and combine healthcare data? Having your records in one place helps prevent medication conflicts, risky duplication of services or costly overspending.


Serious Drug Reactions

More than 807,000 serious drug reactions were reported to the Federal Food and Drug Administration in 2014.

Source: FDA, FAERS Reporting by Patient Outcomes by Year, November 2015.


Deaths from Adverse Drug Reactions

According to FDA statistics, 123,927 people died in 2014 because of a preventable adverse drug reaction.

Source: FDA, FAERS Reporting by Patient Outcomes by Year, November 2015.

Features & Benefits

Your Health Is In Your Hands


Health Info That’s Understandable

Language used to describe conditions, tests and procedures is easy to understand for both you and your health provider. You don’t have to be a doctor to talk to one.


It’s Your Health. Take Charge.

With all of your health information at your fingertips, choose to share whatever you’d like with health providers, family members or payers with whom there’s a dispute.


Part of the Full WebMD Solution

Personal Health Record data powers solutions like the Health Assessment and Digital Health Assistant, and WebMD coaches use it to tailor their advice.


Valid and Widely Approved

WebMD’s Health Assessment supports the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s standard, is clinically validated and follows recommended medical guidelines.