Pregnancy Assistant

Your Complete Pregnancy Partner

Whether you or your spouse are already pregnant, planning to have a child or have recently given birth, Pregnancy Assistant stays with you every step of the way. Hundreds of articles, quizzes, tips, videos and tools – everything you need to support your pregnancy and help you take care of your new baby.

Through a focus on healthy lifestyle habits and pre-natal care, Pregnancy Assistant is designed to help you prepare for and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

With fun features, engaging tools and trusted health information, Pregnancy Assistant is everything an expectant mother could want. But it’s not all medical – capture your thoughts, feelings and memories in a journal, then export it all by email so you can cherish it later.


Premature Babies

Percentage of American babies born prematurely

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2013


Extra Cost

An uncomplicated birth costs $5,000; a low-weight or premature birth can cost $55,000.

Source: Truven Health Analysis, Inc. 2014

Features & Benefits

Educational, Engaging and Entertaining


We’ve Thought of Everything

Information just for dads. Support for multiples. A built-in journal. Photo storage. It’s the little touches that make a big difference.


Simple to Use and Hassle-Free

A well-laid-out dashboard puts tailored information at your fingertips every week. Checklists help you plan. You can even keep a list of questions to ask your doctor.


Encourages Healthy Habits

By providing a constant stream of fun and useful things to do and know, Pregnancy Assistant keeps mom and baby’s health top-of-mind.


Trustworthy Info from a Trusted Brand

Hundreds of doctor-reviewed and medically supported articles and multimedia items make Pregnancy Assistant the go-to source for accurate information.

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