Thrive in the Face of Change

To help break the cycle of never-ending stress, we’ve partnered with meQuilibrium to give people additional skills and tools to manage challenging situations and recover when the going gets tough. The power of resilience is another important aspect of total well-being within the WebMD solution.

Seamless Integration

We make it easy to tap into meQuilibrium. Access to stress and resilience training is available through multiple points of the WebMD well-being solution, including from Health Assessment results, referrals from a health coach and rewardable activities captured in the WebMD rewards platform.

Resilience Option2 DM Combo

The meQuilibrium Experience

First, a personalized resilience assessment and profile exposes stress triggers as well as habits and thinking patterns that may be limiting people. Then, self-paced training based on cognitive behavioral training helps people develop new habits and coping skills. And, all progress is tracked on the meQuilibrium dashboard.


More Likely to Have Better Health

Resilient people are five times as likely to have very good or excellent health.

Source: 2016 New Life Solutions.


Less Likely to Miss Work

Resilient employees are 47% less likely to miss at least one day of work each month.

Source: 2016 New Life Solutions.

Building a Healthy Workforce

Organizations benefit when they make an effort to manage stress on the job. People who are able to improve their resilience have been shown to avoid absences, improve performance and be less likely to leave their jobs.


More Job Satisfaction

Resilient people are four times more likely to have high job satisfaction.

Source: 2016 New Life Solutions.


More Likely to Stay

Resilient people are twice as likely to stay when things get tough.

Source: 2016 New Life Solutions.