Enjoy Yourself…You’ve Earned It

WebMD Rewards is one of the most sophisticated, flexible and targeted rewards platform in the industry. Not to mention one of the most generous – every year we process hundreds of millions of dollars in rewards for people just like you.

Rewards DM Combo

How will you be rewarded for health and well-being? WebMD clients typically reward their employees and members for achieving certain outcomes – losing weight, quitting smoking, achieving fitness or activity goals, and so on. Find out what you’re eligible for…then start earning rewards and enjoying the perks!

Worried you won’t find anything that inspires you? Don’t be. WebMD rewards match your interests and lifestyle – and you’ll earn them with challenges that appeal to you. And you’ll be able to track progress against your goal – such as lowering cholesterol or managing your blood pressure – so you’ll always know how close you are to your reward.

Features & Benefits

You Deserve Personalized Rewards


Rewards as Unique as You Are

Our Rewards program is one of the most personalized in the industry. You’re a unique person, so why would you be happy with one-size-fits-all incentives?


Designed With You in Mind

Depending on your employer or health plan, you’ll be rewarded on points, activities or both – and either for achieving goals or simply participating in healthy activities.


Part of the WebMD Well-Being Solution

Earn rewards for working with a health coach, participating in a challenge, completing your Health Assessment and more.


Yes, Rewards Can Be This Fun

With hundreds of rewardable activities – and seamless integration with wearables, apps and other health trackers – we dare you to have a bad time earning rewards!