Site Manager

It’s Your Platform. Take Control.

With complete, real-time reporting via CoreInsights – and the ability to act on what you find to reward, engage and communicate with your users – Site Manager puts a wealth of significant benefits at your fingertips. Easy to use. Easy to get results.

Site Manager is a client-facing administrative tool that enables targeted messaging, and site- and platform-management capabilities. View and download aggregate reports, administer rewards, upload eligibility files, update your portal and more. You can also create a group of set permissions and assign the group to multiple users.

WebMD provides extensive training on Site Manager as a part of your complete platform solution, which you’ll then be able to roll out to as many administrators as needed. Comprehensive guides also provide technical information about each of your tools and services.

Features & Benefits

Update Your Site. Engage Your Users.


Close the Utilization Gap

Add, update or remove promotional information with just a few clicks to highlight new tools, events or special offers available to your users.


Get the Word Out

Communicate important information to subsets of your population via email or secure messaging – then track click-thrus, opens and unsubscribes.


Make Your Program Your Own

Administer WebMD Rewards and easily offer incentives for program use. Or create your own Wellness Challenges to foster program engagement.


Edit Easily

With Site Manager, the power to easily change your portal is in your hands. Update, create or delete subsites as needed or assign group-level permissions.

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