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In order to reach any goal, you need to know how to get there. You need to know what information to trust and where to find it. With WebMD content, you get that and more. Interactive health tools, videos, newsletters and more provide the knowledge that starts and supports all things wellness.

There’s no shortage of health and wellness information on the internet but how much time do you have to sift through it all? WebMD takes your input and preferences and does the upfront work for you, delivering a rich, clinically backed and easy to understand set of curated content designed to help you meet your goals.

WebMD is known for quality health and wellness information so who better to trust for content provided directly to you? It’s just one more way we support your wellness journey from beginning to end.


Unique Monthly Visitors

Every month, 74 million unique people go to WebMD for health and wellness information.

Source: comScore Media Matrix, December 2015


Mobile Visitors

Every month, 52 million unique mobile users visit WebMD.

Source: comScore Media Matrix, December 2015.

Features & Benefits

Trusted Information, Actionable Power


Tailored for You

Your health assessment results, personal preferences and actions drive your needs and therefore drive all content delivered to you so you can count on receiving only relevant information.


Supports All Aspects of Wellness

WebMD gives you content health advisories, breaking health news, expert commentary, drug recalls, lifestyle tips and recommendations and more.


Keeps You Up-to-Date

With WebMD, you can count on getting the latest and greatest information to keep you abreast of the ways to improve and maintain wellness in an ever-changing world.


Clinically Proven

With information from peer-reviewed medical journals and more, WebMD content brings you the best in evidence-based health and wellness information that you can trust.

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