Wellness Challenges

Have Fun With Health and Wellness

Who climbed the most stairs? Ate the most salads? Did the most jumping jacks? If you can count it, a fun challenge can be created. With Wellness Challenges you’ll soon discover that friendly competition makes it easier to develop good health and wellness habits.

It’s simple – when you make getting healthy a group effort, it will be more fun to develop healthy habits. By using Wellness Challenges to get everyone around you involved, and talking together about progress, you’ll make health and wellness a natural part of your life. And best of all, you’ll have a great time doing it.

To build health and wellness habits, you need to get active. That’s why we make it so easy to take Wellness Challenges on the go. A simple mobile app means it’s easy to track and upload activities anytime, anywhere – and stay one step ahead of your health and wellness “competition.”

Features & Benefits

Challenges Make Health and Wellness Easy


Track Activity Easily

Enter your own progress updates, or track progress automatically with supported devices – such as the wearable device or fitness app you’re already using to manage your fitness goals.


Challenges Matched to Your Lifestyle

Use WebMD’s popular challenges to get more active, eat better, drink more water, get better sleep or relieve stress.


Get Fit the Way You Want To

Wellness Challenges are an integral part of the WebMD solution – offering yet another way to put health and wellness first.


Stay Healthy…for Life

We’re always adding new challenges to keep things interesting and fun. Less boredom means more motivation!

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