How To Create a Connected Team

As flexible and hybrid work policies become the norm, creating connections at work has never been more important. Employees are increasingly reporting that they feel isolated and disconnected from their peers and their organization, which should be alarming for people managers. 

Meaningful connection has been shown to be the key to well-being, happiness, and longevity. It’s also good for business. Recent research reveals that employees who feel actively connected also feel their work is more collaborative, engaging, and motivating.

But how do you build actual connections within a team? In this dynamic webinar, management expert Jason Lauritsen will unpack how connection develops within relationships and what you can do to foster more connected teams. The key is understanding the concept of “creating overlap” in the relationships of team members.  

  • Why connection is so vital to employee well-being and engagement.
  • How connection forms in relationships through the creation of “overlap”.
  • Specific actions you can take as a manager or HR leader to help your team feel more actively and authentically connected at work.

Presented By

Jason Lauritsen
Jason Lauritsen
Global speaker, author, and advisor on employee engagement, workplace culture and performance management.