Unveiling the Truth about Employee Mental Health

Stressed Millennial

Did you know that employees who aren’t provided consistent mental health support from their employer are 5.5x more likely to quit?

Discover practical solutions and valuable insights to cultivate a resilient and supportive workforce. Presented by LifeSpeak Inc., a leader in employee mental health support, we dive into groundbreaking research to shed light on the critical aspects of employee mental health. 

  • Get valuable insights into the challenges employees face in various industries, the impact of mental health on performance, and the benefits of a proactive approach to well-being. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the factors impacting employee mental health. 
  • Discover practical strategies to foster a supportive and resilient workforce.

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Aimee Gindin
Aimee Gindin, MSCP
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Marissa Alert, PHD
Founder, MDA Wellness, LifeSpeak