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Volunteering to Help Fight Hunger

Here’s a troubling irony. As Oregon gains national and international acclaim as a leader in all things foodie (especially in the greater Portland area), it is also quietly earning a less glowing distinction as one of the nation’s hungriest states.

According to the annual survey of food insecurity conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one in seven Oregonians (and one in five Oregon children) face food insecurity each year.1

What does that mean? The technical definition of “food insecurity” is not knowing where your next meal is coming from, or even if it’s coming at all.

Recently, the WebMD Health Services Volunteer Committee organized an event that drew 30 employees to help address this growing concern. The Family Repack & Label at the Oregon Food Bank provided WebMD volunteers the opportunity to join others in assembling family-sized care packages of donated food that arrives in bulk at the Food Bank.

More than 270,000 Oregonians turn to the Oregon Food Bank and its statewide network each month for food assistance.2 Volunteer efforts like this one are vital to the food bank’s ongoing mission.

Together, with others from our community, WebMD volunteers made an important impact for Oregonians in need:

  • We sorted and packed 22,030 pounds of donated food.
  • This translates into the equivalent of 18,358 total meals.
  • That is an average of 209 meals per volunteer.

Community service is an important part of who we are at WebMD Health Services. Seeing so many of our friends and colleagues give their time makes us all feel good, and it fits with our mission, to enable people to live better lives by empowering decisions and actions that improve well-being and health outcomes.

We offer opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. Last October, we refurbished donated children’s bikes at Portland’s Community Cycling Center. Our second annual Impact Day, also in October, brought together hundreds of employees from across the country and our London office for a day of service to the communities where we live and work.

Bringing employees together to benefit others can help create a vibrant company culture. Volunteer activities also are a great way to extend the value of wellness programs and connect them to a larger, more holistic well-being culture at your organization.

What kinds of volunteer activities do you promote at your organization? Let us know! Send us a note at


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