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7 Easy Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

Positive employee engagement leads to higher employee satisfaction, a greater ability to attract and retain top talent and increased revenue. But how can you measure engagement so you can work to improve and sustain it? It’s easy with TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services.

TINYpulse is a digital tool that can quickly and easily help you understand how your team is feeling and offer suggestions for the best ways to boost engagement.

How does TINYpulse work?

It starts with a quick 20-question survey that will help you get a baseline. Using these results, we’ll create an Engagement Index score that we can track over time, and also compare to industry data so you can see how you stack up compared to peers.

Then we start to crunch the numbers. Using our Key Driver Analysis (KDA), we can show you the correlation between what motivates employees and business outcomes so you can quickly and precisely act on the most important priorities.

Want to go deeper?

The TINYpulse solution allows you to get detailed insights into each survey question and segment your data based on gender, race/ethnicity, department and more. With Heatmaps you can also easily identify which employees are engaged and who needs extra support.

Make a plan.

Armed with TINYpulse data, you can create a Progress Plan to improve key drivers of employee engagement and track progress over time. Our tool can recommend actions based on your KDA results, or you can customize your goals.

Keep checking in with pulse surveys.

TINYpulse offers the ability to continue to check in with employees by sending short surveys on a regular basis. By asking the same questions at regular intervals, you can see how and when answers change, and whether your strategic actions are having an impact.

Employee engagement is the key to happy, productive employees and a healthy workplace culture. Contact us to schedule a TINYpulse demo at connect@webmd.net.

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