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TINYPulse by WebMD Health Services Creates a Culture of Employee Engagement and Feedback

Last August, our acquisition of immersive employee well-being provider, Limeade, included a premier employee engagement solution, Limeade Listening. I’m excited to share that WebMD is returning Limeade Listening to its original, widely-known and respected brand, TINYpulse. Read on to learn how TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services will allow us to deepen our ability to help organizations create a
culture of employee engagement and well-being.

TINYpulse is the leading employee engagement and feedback solution, with more than 15 years in the industry, and is a brand that clients know and trust.

TINYpulse has built a reputation for helping organizations build a culture of employee feedback in the workplace while optimizing engagement. The TINYpulse solution allows organizations to leverage data insights on what employees are thinking and feeling to improve company culture, increase employee retention and enhance performance.

In today’s workplace the importance of culture can’t be underestimated. Christine Muldoon, SVP of Marketing at WebMD Health Services, sums it up well: “As we look at how employees experience work and life, trends such as silent quitting, well-being washing, record high levels of stress, and ongoing mental health concerns are important reminders that we need to do more to engage employees, take an anonymous pulse on their needs and continue to evolve a culture of well-being and engagement.”

Organizations who use TINYpulse’s active listening techniques report their employees feel valued and heard—essential elements to creating a winning culture. Through its suite of science-backed capabilities, TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services allows organizations to offer feedback channels, enhance onboarding support and provide peer-to-peer recognition. This enables leaders to better understand their teams, make better decisions, and increase communication and transparency in the workplace.

When it comes to well-being, studies show that organizations who provide well-being programs alongside a supportive culture see increased employee engagement and productivity. We’re excited about the future of TINYPulse by WebMD Health Services and its ability to allow organizations to take bigger steps in linking workplace well-being, employee engagement and workplace culture together into one complete package.
Read the official press release here.

For more information on how TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services can help your organization take advantage of unique insights, tools, and communication to optimize employee engagement, contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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