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Best Blog Posts of 2023

Catch up on all the latest and greatest well-being insights and trends with this round-up of our best blog posts of 2023. Wishing all our clients and participants much health and happiness in 2024 and beyond!

Culture of Well-Being

Creating a true culture of well-being takes work. These blog posts offer helpful tips and strategies for infusing well-being into every corner of your workplace.

Creating a Company Culture of Well-Being

What does it mean to have a healthy corporate culture? Every company is different, but employees who work for organizations with a healthy culture are generally happier, more engaged, and feel supported by their employer—both in work and in life. And it directly impacts productivity and retention. This blog answers the question: how do you build such a culture?

Seasonal Wellness in the Workplace: 14 Tips to Help Employees Stay Energetic and Focused

When the days are short and the weather is cold, low energy and a melancholy mood can start to creep in. Fortunately, focusing on our well-being can counteract some of the effects of the darker, colder months. This blog features seasonal wellness tips employers can use to help employees this winter.

Why Menopause in the Workplace Is a Business Issue

More than one million women in the U.S. experience menopause each year. But despite the universality of menopause for all women, there is shockingly little discussion of and support for this phase of life, especially in the workplace. In this blog, we explore how workplaces can ensure women’s well-being needs are met during this critical time.

Trend Watch: Rise of the Chief Wellness Officer

During the pandemic, many employers stepped up their support for employee health and well-being. Now, some leading-edge organizations are taking this commitment one step further by appointing Chief Well-being Officers. This blog digs into what this role is, who’s on the forefront, and how organizations might benefit from having one.

Well-Being Solutions

The best well-being programs offer an array of services and support that get people engaged in their health. Point solutions and wellness champions are two examples.

Point Solution Fatigue: What Is It and How Can You Avoid It in Your Organization?

Point solutions can help employers and health plans deliver a comprehensive, personalized, and holistic health and well-being program to employees and members. Read this blog to learn more about point solutions and how you can ensure that what you’re offering participants meets their needs as well as those of the business—without suffering from “point solution fatigue.”

How to Build a Wellness Champion Network in Your Organization

Wellness champions in the workplace bring passion to your well-being program and deliver real value by increasing the program’s visibility, getting peers engaged and helping to create a true culture of well-being. But how do you form a Wellness Champion Network? Get the highlights in this blog and be sure to check out our new Wellness Champion e-book for all the details.

Mental and Emotional Health

Helping employees with their emotional and mental health is just as important as supporting them with their physical health. These posts were tops on the list for supporting mental health in the workplace.

The Case for Belonging—How Feeling Valued and Included at Work Affects Employee Well-Being

A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has been a key employer strategy for the last few years. Recently, “belonging”—or the extent to which employees feel valued and included—has become an important focus as well. This blog unpacks the results of our recent diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) independent research, and discusses why the need to belong at work is so critical to the employee experience right now.

Manager Burnout Is Getting Worse: Strategies to Help Managers Cope

Manager burnout is on the rise, with studies showing that at least 40% to over 50% of managers are experiencing burnout. Learn why managers are feeling this way, what to do about manager burnout, and suggestions for how to prevent it in the future.

The Difference Between Mental and Emotional Health:  What Your Organization Can Do to Support Both

We’re all talking more about mental and emotional health these days. While this is a positive development, it’s important to distinguish between the two terms. This blog post gives an overview of what is meant by mental health and emotional health, and how we can use this understanding to provide people with the right type of well-being support.

Financial Wellness

Financial concerns are a major source of stress for employees and can lead to distraction and reduced productivity on the job. These blog posts help employers understand how to help employees with financial wellness.

Why Financial Wellness Is Important in the Workplace

A study by PwC found 57% of employees say finances are the top cause of stress in their lives. Learn what we can do as organizations—and as leaders and managers—to begin to elevate the importance of financial wellness in the workplace and begin to normalize conversations about it.

Financial Stress in the Workplace: How to Help Employees Cope

Money has traditionally been one of those “taboo” workplace topics. But finances are now one of the biggest sources of employee stress, often leading to lower productivity and engagement on the job. This  blog post discusses what happens when employees are stressed about finances and how employers can help with this important aspect of well-being.

And there you have them—our best blog posts of 2023. Check back here for more great insights and helpful information throughout 2024. For help kicking off your organization’s new year on a healthy note, contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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